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At Xstream Pools we offer a variety of services, which include:

  • Commercial pool (including apartments, HOA, hotels, condos, swim schools and other commercial properties) weekly maintenance/service
  • Residential pool weekly maintenance/service
  • Commercial fountains maintenance/service
  • Fountain pumps/filters service
  • Vacation pool service
  • Pool School 101 for new homeowners
  • Water testing in-field and in store
  • Pool draining
  • Pool Acid/Chlorine wash
  • New lights (LED) installation
  • Lights repair
  • Heaters/ pumps/ motor installation and repair
  • Energy efficient pumps installation
  • Cleaner repairs/replacement
  • Filter cleaning
  • Tile cleaning and repair
  • Salt system installation
  • Pool and spa controllers/automation installation
  • Pool and spa wireless controllers installation and set up
  • We also carry a wide variety of parts, equipment, chemicals, toys and accessories at our store


New Pool Owner Orientation (Pool School 101):

Our technicians will meet with a home owner and explain how to maintain the pools and operate pool equipment. We will also teach you how to test your pool water, turn on and adjust heaters settings, set the filtration hours, show you how and when to clean the filter, set the pool and spa valves and answer any other of your general questions.  We will also fully inspect your equipment for proper functions and operation.  Call us today to schedule an appointment at 714-288-0700.  We look forward to assisting you

Filter Cleaning Service:

Our clients often ask how about the frequency of cleaning the filters. We explain that it depends on the size of the pool, the type and size of filter, and the surroundings of the pool. Most manufactures recommend a complete filter tear down and cleaning for grids filter at least twice a year and for the Cartridge filter a minimum of 4 times a year. Our technicians will go out to your property and clean your filter as well as to teach you step by step on how to do it on your own for future references.

Acid Wash:

One of the most dramatic improvements you can make to the appearance of your swimming pool is have an acid wash service performed by an experienced pool professional. An acid wash is the chemical removal of a thin layer of plaster off the surface of your swimming pool.   It removes superficial stains, fine scale deposits, and various colored deposits from the plaster, restoring 75-85% of the plasters’ brightness.  Acid wash can be done on both plaster and pebble pools; however, there is limited number of times that it can be done in plaster pools and should only be done by experienced professionals to avoid damage.

The service entails draining your pool and applying a very calculated and diluted amount of acid to the surface of your pool. The acid is promptly removed, and the results can be unbelievable. The stains that have accumulated on the top coating of plaster are removed, leaving a glowing, like-new appearance.

When doing an acid wash, you want a pool care company who is experienced in knowing the appropriate amount of time to leave the acid on the plaster; and someone who is also experienced in applying the proper concentration of acid. Mishaps in any of these areas can destroy the plaster and cause serious damage.  Here at Xstream Pools we are the competent and experienced professionals, and we will take care of your pool expertly and promptly.

Chlorine Wash:

Chlorine wash is an effective solution for the build-up of algae or bacteria, or a chronic algae problem in a swimming pool.  Sometimes referred to as a chlorine bath or a chlorine rinse, the service is very similar to an acid wash, where liquid chlorine is applied to plaster instead of acid.

The chlorine wash service entails draining your pool and applying a liquid chlorine mixture to the pool surfaces. Then the scrubbing begins… Strong scrubbing with a brush gets the chlorine deep into the pores of your pool.  We pay special attention to the areas with algae presence.  After the scrubbing, the liquid chlorine is rinsed, and the process is repeated.  This service is a good option for both plaster and pebble pools as it is less harsh than the acid wash and can be performed more often than the acid wash.

Call us today for a free quote or to schedule a chlorine wash with one of our expert technicians at 714-288-0700.

Pool/ Spa Inspection Service:

Whether you are buying or selling a home with a swimming pool or spa give us a call to help guide you towards your proper decision. The Xstream Pools team would be glad to inspect the overall condition, functionality, and remaining lifetime on the properties equipment. Give us a call at 714-288-0700.

Water Changing & New Water Start-up:

We recommend that pool water should be drained and refilled every four to five years or when your TDS (total dissolved Solids) are greater then 2,000ppm, which every occurs first. You can bring in a sample of your pool water to our retail store and we will be glad to analyze your water sample for free with the latest water testing technology.  Call us for Question or to schedule an appointment at 714-288-0700.


• Commercial Weekly Pool Service
• Pool Remodeling
• Pool Equipment Repairs
• New Home Owner Consultation
• Pool Equipment Installation: Pumps, Filters, Parts
• Water Testing, Correcting Water Chemistry
• Salt Water System
• Vacation Pool Service
• Pool Chemicals, Games, Toys
• Service/Repair Center for Fluidra, Jandy, Hayward and Pentair

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