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We offer a variety of services, which include:

  • Commercial pool maintenance
  • Vacation pool Service
  • Light installation
  • Light Replacements
  • Heaters/ pumps/ motor installation
  • Cleaner repairs/replacements
  • Heaters/pumps/motors repairs
  • Clean filter
  • Salt system installations
  • Contamination Accident Report

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New Pool Owner Orientations:

Any of our technicians will be glad to assist you and  explain how to operate your pool features and equipment. Also they will teach you how to test your pool water, turn on and adjust heaters settings, set the filtration hours, how and when to clean the filter, set the pool and spa valves and answer any other of your general questions.  They will also fully inspect your equipment for proper functions and operation.  Call us today to schedule an appointment at 714-288-0700

Filter Cleaning Service:

How often should you clean your filter? Well, that depends on the size of your pool, the type of filter that you may have, the size of the filter, and the surroundings of your pool. Most manufactures recommend a complete filter tear down and cleaning for your grids filter at least twice a year and for your Cartridge filter a minimum of 4 times a year.  We will be glad to go out to your property and clean your Filter as well as to teach you step by step on how to do it on your own for future references.

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Acid Washing:

We recommend that every pool must be Drainded and acid washed every 6 years. This process will remove the discoloring that can occur due to the chemicals used in the pools. Acid Wash is removing the damaged layer of  plaster from your pool walls to expose a fresh layer of plaster beneath. It also removes Superficials stains, fine scale deposits, and various colored deposits from plaster. Also, if you are continuously fighting algea on your pool an acid wash will be well recommended for you. This process removes a very thin layer of plaster, and will therefore generally restore 75 to 85% of the plaster’s brightness. Due to chemical Hazards, Acid wash should only be done by a professional because Chemical Fumes should never be taken lightly. Call us for a quote on Acid Washing your pool.


Chlorine Washing:

For pools with a severe algae growth problem or black algae an acid wash
alone will not do. You might also need a chlorine wash. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 714-288-0700.


Pool/ Spa Inspection Service:

Whether you are buying or selling a home with a swimming pool or spa give us a call to help guide you towards your proper decision. The Xstream Pools team would be glad to inspect the overall condition, functionality, and remaining lifetime on the properties equipment. Give us a call at 714-288-0700.

Water Changing & New Water Start-up:

We recommend that pool water should be drained and refilled every four to five years or when your TDS (total dissolved Solids) are greater then 2,000ppm, which every occurs first. You can bring in a sample of your pool water to our retail store and we will be glad to analyze your water sample for free with the latest water testing technology.  Call us for Question or to schedule an appointment at 714-288-0700.


• Equipment Installation
• Pumps, Filters, Parts
• Games, Toys
• Water Testing
• Repairs
• Salt Water System
• Weekly Pool Service
• Vacation Pool Service

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