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I’m writing this letter to let you know how Sheik at Xstream Pools has done an outstanding job in helping me take care of my spa.

A few years ago I came to Sheik with a question on how to take care of my in-ground spa. He took the time to test the water and told me know that I can come by or call him whenever I had problem or a question.

It means a lot to me to have someone who actually takes time to answer my every question and give me options on how to handle any trouble with the spa.

Over the years he has replaced the heating unit & talked me through replacing a filter motor & filter unit. Her also took time to talk me through getting my led light to work when I thought it was broken.

It’s that personal service from Xstream Pools that made me a hero in the eyes of my wife.

Sheik always lets me know how my water in the spa is doing, testing it weekly. He always lets me know the latest in spa equipment & options to make my spa even more efficient.

In short, you won’t find anyone more trustworthy, honest & efficient as Sheik at Xstream Pools.


My name is Larry , and I am the General Manager of Orangeland RV park, in Orange CA.

For a number of years, I have used Xstream Pools to service my spa and 55,000-gallon heated pool.

Sheik Rahaman is very professional, knowledgeable, and available when I need him.

One of the things I like best about how Sheik maintains by spa and pools, is that he is very proactive. He constantly looks for ways to keep the equipment running properly, before problems arise.

This ensures that when the park has an inspection by the Board of Health, Orangeland always passed the inspection and that the guests of the park can enjoy a clean pool and spa.

I would highly recommend Xstream Pools to any commercial enterprise that is looking for a great pool service company.

General Manager

I have worked with Sheik Rahaman for about 1 year and have known for him to be very competent and reliable.

He is the owner of Xstream Pool Service and handles his business in a very professional manner.

Under Mr. Rahaman direction, work completed by Xstream Pool Service has consistently met or exceeded our expectations. Working with Sheik Rahaman, I trust his judgment and respect his opinions.



Property Manager

I would like to recommend Xstream Pools. I have had the pleasure of having them as my vendor for a little over two years at the Imperial Villas Apartments.

They have always delivered excellent customer service, and they always go above and beyond to accommodate any issues I might have in a timely manner no matter the time of day I call.

I have always been completely satisfied with their performance; Xstream Pools does an excellent job and take pride in what they do.

I’m happy to recommend the services of Xstream Pools.

Property Manager

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